Schedule Of Church Services


When you visit Elizabeth City Baptist Church, you will be met with a warm, friendly welcome from our Pastor and members. Visiting a new church for the first time can be overwhelming and we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

As you pull into the parking lot you will be met by one of our greeters who will assist you with getting seated and showing you around.

We have a clean and safe nursery adjacent to the auditorium where you can drop off your children up to 3 years of age. Our nursery is also open for every church service.

“It takes Three to Thrive! Sunday Morning, Sunday Night and Wednesday Night”

Sunday School 10:00am

10:00-10:40 Every Sunday Morning
Adults- Main Auditorium
Children- Upstairs Classroom

Sunday School is a time that the Bible is taught in a smaller group setting before the 11:00 Main Service.
Our Pastor teaches the adults and his wife, Mrs. Heidi Nettesheim, teaches the children.

We also serve Breakfast every Sunday starting at 9:15 and hope that you will come early to enjoy the food, coffee and fellowship!

Sunday Morning 11:00am

11:00-12:00 Every Sunday Morning
Main Auditorium

​The 11:00 Service is the primary service at Elizabeth City Baptist Church. The Service is well organized, with congregational singing, prayer, offering, special music and a sermon from our Pastor.

There is also a time of Invitation at the end where people can come forward to be saved, to pray, or to be baptized.

Sunday Night 6:00pm

6:00-7:00 Every Sunday Night
Main Auditorium

The Sunday Night Service is the highlight of our Sunday Services with people coming back to church to hear more preaching of God’s Word!

We have Sunday Night Service because we need more than ever to assemble as Believers and hear the Word of God!

Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Study

7:00-8:00 Every Wednesday Night
Main Auditorium

Our Wednesday Night Service is one of the most helpful services of our church. Many times we all need a mid-week “pick-me-up” of Spiritual encouragement and solid Bible teaching.

The Order of Service is similar to Sunday but with an emphasis on teaching the Word of God and a special time of prayer.

Saturday Soulwinning 10:00am

10:00-12:00 Every Saturday Morning
Start in Main Auditorium

As Believers, we are commanded by Jesus Christ to “preach the Gospel to every creature”. That’s what soulwinning is; winning souls to Jesus Christ.

We do that not only with daily, personal soulwinning, but also with scheduled churchwide soulwinning.

We knock on doors, inviting our community to church and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.